Farm work tomorrow starting at 9am. Come help us win the war on weeds!

With our farm team at the NOFA conference in Amherst this weekend, we are cutting our hours back at the farm, but we will be there most of the day tomorrow, from 9am – 1pm working in the field, pulling weeds and harvesting any ripe fruit (tomatoes, eggplant, etc.). We will also continue our work stretching the fence in the afternoon, from 4 – 7pm.

Please come join us if you can!

Sunday we will not be working. Day off at the farm!

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2 Responses to Farm work tomorrow starting at 9am. Come help us win the war on weeds!

  1. Paul Tappenden says:

    Don’t go too crazy with “weed” pulling, our foraging and workshops will depend on the wild foods that abound in the field. Please confine the pulling to the rows containing the crops until someone has discussed it with me. There are some highly nutritious native plants that I will happily teach folks about, particularly in the uncultivated rows.

    They are more use to us plowed back into the soil rather than pulled up.

    The purslane and carpet weed should be left alone, as it provides great ground cover to hold in moisture, without competing with the crops.

    I’ll be there at 9:30am if anybody needs guidance in the matter.

  2. CropseyFarm says:

    Thanks, Paul. Have you seen the weeds lately? I don’t think there is any danger of them all getting pulled. It would take an army at this point! But glad you will be there tomorrow to provide guidance.

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