Our Mission and Vision

Our mission at Cropsey Community Farm is to grow nutrient dense, delicious food for our communities, and to provide a working example of a farm that thrives ecologically, economically and as a center for learning.  

Methods supporting our mission:

  • May bannerFood is grown for and distributed through a CSA and distribution at local farmer’s markets, thereby getting it directly to our community and helping people forge a relationship with where and how their food is grown.


  • The land is farmed using no toxins, often going beyond organic standards.

  • Development of the land will lead a farm that is a functioning and biodiverse micro-ecosystem, as well as an integral part of our larger ecosystem.

  • We will strive to pay our workers a living wage or better, demonstrating that farming can be a viable profession, in addition to being an essential part of existence as humans.

  • trayofseedlingsSchool groups, community groups, individuals, and aspiring young farmers come to Cropsey Community Farm to learn about food production, science, history of agriculture, food systems and to reconnect with land based living.

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