Sweet potatoes!

Dear CSA members,

We are getting ready to harvest the sweet potatoes this weekend!

Now that I have your attention, here are a few more things you need to know:

The farm will be hosting students from area schools this Wednesday and Friday mornings. If you volunteer during school visits, please be patient while the farm team finds an opportunity to direct you during their work with students.

Farmer Greg is looking for some carpenter-types who would like to build bins from existing wood pieces at the farm to hold the sweet potatoes after they are harvested. If you are able, please bring your hammer and enthusiasm to the farm this Friday or Saturday and look for Greg.

With just three weeks left to the CSA season, there are still opportunities to volunteer! This weekend we are participating in the Hungry Hollow Co-Op Harvest Festival in Chestnut Ridge on Saturday, and the Fall Family Festival at the Historical Society of Rockland County in New City on Sunday. Please let john@rocklandfarm.org know if you would like to help at these events.

If you do not foresee being able to fulfill your volunteer commitment this season, you may buy your hours back! Please contact your CSA member representative for details or email csa@cropseyfarm.org if you have questions about the number of hours you owe.

I hope to see you are the farm!



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