Storm damage at the farm

Hey all,

Yesterday evening the farm got hit by a storm with a severity rare to our region.  The farm experienced extremely high winds, intense rain, and hail, all of which lasted for quite some time.  Many crops in the field were destroyed and even more will be in recovery mode for some time to come.  We are not sure yet what this is going to mean for pick up today and future pick ups to come as we are still assessing the extent of the damage.  More updates to come.  Thanks for your support.

– Farm team

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2 Responses to Storm damage at the farm

  1. jeanmarie Fitzgerald says:

    so sorry to hear about your damaged fields. I can come and help clean up/seed if you need it.
    Jeanmarie Fitzgerald

  2. annateigen says:

    What a bummer–after so much work going into it. Not a problem for me if there is no pick up today. I am unable to come today or tomorrow to help but Saturday looks good for volunteering.

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