Work Party on Sunday!!

This Sunday, before the membership pot-luck we will be having a magnificent work party!! Woohoo!

Most of the tomato plants in the field are trellised and are strong, vibrant and starting to produce beautiful fruit! However, there are still a bunch of beds that have not yet had the luxury of being lifted. These plants are also starting to produce gorgeous fruit that unfortunately will not do as well if the tomatoes remain on the ground. 

With all of this AMAZING rain we’ve received in the last couple of days, the tomatoes are just EXPLODING! Tomato mania of 2012 has officially begun! But before we can fully embrace the craziness of the tomatoes, we need to finish trellising them. 

Come on come all! Before the pot-luck starting at 7:00am for some trellising tomato fun!

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2 Responses to Work Party on Sunday!!

  1. Arielle says:

    If there is time, we might also plant brussel sprouts. YUM!!

    • cheryl says:

      Hey..I know I have received numerous info. about the pot luck but what time does it begin? I am scheduled to teach a mini-class at 1:30!

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