This Week On The Farm…(May14th–May20th)

This week on the farm we have a lot of planting and weeding going on! Woohoo!! 

Being that the weather has warmed up and we’ve had some seriously lovely rain, the plants in the greenhouse are ready to go in the ground, and the “weeds” are growing like crazy!

Ongoing projects for this week are cultivating, weeding, and planting!!

mesclun mix, spinach, fennel & radishes, carrots, chard, parsnips, onions, broccoli and more all need to be weeded! Got an hour to kill? Want to partake in a super meditative activity on the farm? Come on by and do some weeding! I know it doesn’t sound totally appetizing, but it can be incredibly satisfying to look at a packed bed of ‘weeds’, and then look at it again after you’ve cleaned it up. Plus, ripping stuff out of the ground is fun! Bring your kids!

More specifically this week, we will be PLANTING, PLANTING, PLANTING!!

Today, Caleb & Arielle will be at the farm planting summer squash before the rain comes this afternoon.

On Wednesday, ALL DAY we will be having a CROP MOB! Bring your whole family, your neighbors, your friends, and let’s plant like crazy! We have 6 beds of tomatoes, 5 beds of eggplant, 6 beds of summer squash, and 7 beds of peppers that are ready to go in the ground, and we will be planting non-stop all day. Whatever we don’t get in on Wednesday, we will keep planting on Friday and through the weekend.

Thursday we will be planting dill, parsley, lovage and lettuce.

This weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) in addition to continual planting, we will be building a groundhog barrier around the entire 5 acre field. This involves digging a 2 foot deep trench around the field (don’t worry, it’s not by hand…we will be using a ditch witch) and then laying chicken wire in the ditch and attaching it to the fence. All hands on deck for this one!!

It’s going to be a busy week at the farm, so come on out and play with us!!!

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