Meet the Farm Team: Jack Daly, Cropsey Farmer

Meet Jack Daly, an adjunct professor of sustainability and economics at Ramapo College in New Jersey. In addition to powering the farm team in its planting activities, Jack and his four-legged friend Buzz protect and care for a precious component of the Cropsey Farm: its bees.

Prior to joining the faculty at Ramapo,  Jack worked overseas for a dozen years on political and economic development projects. Upon returning home to teach he trained to be a Waldorf teacher. In his studies Jack learned about biodynamics, and was particularly intrigued by the work of a teacher named Gunther Hauk, author of “Toward Saving the Honeybee.” When Jack returned to New Jersey, he managed a CSA in Mahwah, where he was able to explore and learn firsthand more about biodynamic farming and beekeeping. We’re thankful the Cropsey community family can now benefit from Jack’s knowledge and care of the hive!

Written by Shannon Purdy, Cropsey CSA Communications Team


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