Meet the Farm Team: Arielle Bareket, Cropsey Farmer

From the moment you meet Arielle, you get the sense that she is in her element, as she walks barefoot around the farm, pointing out Red Tail Hawks and plant varieties.  A Rockland County native, she grew up in Suffern and moved back to Pomona just over a year ago.  She didn’t know much about farming until she went away to college, where she spent a lot of her time working on a 5-acre organic vegetable garden and managing a medicinal herb garden and crew.  Her alma mater, Warren Wilson College, in North Carolina, combines academics, work, and service in a learning community committed to environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, and the common good.

After volunteering at Camp Hill Farm in Pomona in the summer of 2010, she knew when she graduated and moved home she wanted to be a part of the local food movement.  Arielle began working at Cropsey Farm in February 2011 and really enjoyed its first season.  Her favorite veggies are Kolrabi, which she eats just like an apple and Kale, simply sautéed or steamed.  When asked why farming, Arielle says she loves that she’s constantly learning new things and that farming is always changing.  She has to learn and adapt to weather, pests, and other forces that sometimes can’t be controlled.

Written by Jenny Mirmelstein, Cropsey CSA Communications Team


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One Response to Meet the Farm Team: Arielle Bareket, Cropsey Farmer

  1. kathy says:

    Arielle is a true inspiration for our youth. She is a bright and shining star with a great spirit.

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