This Week at the Farm: March 12 – 16

This is a very exciting time!
For those of you who joined Greg and the rest of the farm team pruning the peach trees Friday and Saturday we say thank you and glad you could make it out to the farm for what we hope is a part of “new peach history”.
This week will be a busy one!
Today, Monday March 12th, the farm team will be planting cabbage first thing in the morning for anyone who is free to stop by and help from 8am forward.
There is also an opportunity to re-pot onions in the greenhouse at Cropsey Farm.  This is nice light work and can be done sitting down.  The hoop house is warm and we are told that there will be some music going along with conversation! This work will probably be going on all week, but we will know more as the days progress.
When you arrive, please go directly into the farm house and sign in on the clipboard located to the right hand side of the back door.  By signing this work share hour sheet, we can better keep track of your hours for the 2012 season. Please be sure to sign in and then sign out.
If you have any questions, please email us at, or post to our Facebook page.
Thank you.  Hope to see you at the farm.
Just Grow It!

About Donna Schmidt

Co-Chair Cropsey Community Farm CSA, 2012
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