How You Like Them Biodynamic Apples?

We are pre-ordering biodynamic/organic apples from Threshold Farm in Columbia County, NY. They will be delivered  next Thursday, October 13th to Cropsey Farm. The varieties they have available this week are Jonagold and Golden Delicious. If you pre-order a bushel (40 lbs) of 1 variety, it costs $ 70.00 OR you can order them mixed for $2.49/lb.

There is also cider available! It is $5.50 for a half gallon.

We will need the money, and the orders to be placed by Monday, October 10th.

Please e-mail your order to no later than Monday.

So that we can give Threshold Farm one collective check, Please make all checks payable to Rockland Farm Alliance. There will be an envelope on the bulletin board in the kitchen of the farmhouse that says “Apple Checks” on it. Please put your checks with your order attached into the envelope.

If you do not want to buy an entire bushel, we will also be ordering some to be available for purchase at pick-up.

Thank you!

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2 Responses to How You Like Them Biodynamic Apples?

  1. cheryl rose says:

    Hi Arielle,
    Please tell me what makes these apples biodynamic as compared to the apples from Davies farm stand or the Orchards? I am so busy these days..really want to get out in the field..I miss it!


  2. Cheryl,
    The apples from Davies Farm and the Conklin Orchards are not organic apples, which means that they are sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. If fall fruits held a ‘most doused in chemicals’ contest, apples would win.
    Although I am not sure what chemicals they use, how much they use or when Davies and Conklin Orchards spray their apples, I am sure that by eating organic apples you are avoiding these chemicals altogether.
    Hope that helps!


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