A Fellow Member’s Call to Volunteers

I approached joining Cropsey with some trepidation. As a busy mom with many other competing obligations, I didn’t want to take on yet another “project” and spread myself too thin, or I’d end up being mediocre at best at each endeavor. But 14 hours a season? Piece of cake, right? RIGHT?

Okay, so I knew I wouldn’t be much help in the spring, as it’s the busy season in my wacky little industry. And I knew summer would be challenging with a couple of kids and various home projects. So I was counting on the fall — when the kids returned to school and my life returned to some semblance of being, well, MY life — to be the time I could make my mark, or at least fulfill my obligation.

So I came, first to pick tomatoes, then to harvest potatoes. And then a funny thing happened. The more I came, the more I wanted to be there! While at first I found that I had only an hour to spare between this or that, I noticed I was looking at my schedule to try and find larger chunks of time I could devote to Cropsey. It was kinda like exercising — you know you have to do it, but entropy takes over and you don’t really push yourself to get out there. Once you do, however, you find you like it and feel better afterwards. Well that was my experience. It’s like there are these farm endorphins that kick in and make you revel at the dirt under your fingernails (next time don’t forget the gloves) and the mud in your sneakers!

You can tell that these farm endorphins are real, because all of the busy young farmers are always smiling. No, I mean it — always! They are friendly and happy to see you and grateful for your help. Apparently it just feels good to be there. So don’t come and put in your hours because you must. Come because you’re going to like it and feel really good afterwards.

Mary Felegy
CSA member

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3 Responses to A Fellow Member’s Call to Volunteers

  1. Cheryl Rose says:

    I love that term…farm endorphins!!! I had the same experience, it became a pull for me, I missed it when I wasn’t there.


  2. John McLaughlin says:

    I agree with Mary Felegy – the positive attitude of the Farm team is infectious. Greg (and his wife Kathy), Arielle, Amelia, Jon, and Naomi are always a pleasure to work with. I have had a tough time getting over there of late – I am a college professor and the beginning of the semester is murder, especially in the era of the e-mail. But I’m hoping things will ease up in October and I can get my hands dirty again. I miss it!
    John McLaughlin

  3. Laura Rose says:

    the first step to anything, it just showing up! thanks for writing what alot of us are thinking!

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