Formation of Cropsey Farm Youth Group!

Hello CSA Members!

My name is Corrine Quirk, I am a senior at  Clarkstown South High School, and like many of you, over the summer I fell in love with Cropsey Farm. I worked as an intern twice a week, and now that school has started up again I miss it dearly. However, as a girl scout, I am strongly encouraged to present and carry out a gold award, and with this I’ve decided to form a youth group at Cropsey Farm for people ages 13-18 to work on the farm together, raise money for the farm, and have events related to Cropsey and farming in general. Depending on interest, we can focus on a variety of topics, including potentially cooking lessons, seasonal produce, etc. If you have any suggestions, they are most certainly welcome! So please, if your family is interested, contact me at, and we will start hosting meetings as soon as we have a list for the committee.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to forming a great farm youth group this year!


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2 Responses to Formation of Cropsey Farm Youth Group!

  1. Joyce Bressker says:

    Dear Friends at Cropsey Farm,
    Why are there ads on our newsletter?
    Joyce B

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