So many ways you can help Cropsey and RFA!

Along with ongoing farm work, we need your help with other tasks, Some less physically strenuous and equally important!

In an effort to streamline and organize the many tasks required to the run the farm, we are seeking the following:

CSA Member management: Answer emails, manage pick-up day lists, send out important communications to membership and field responses.

Writing: Someone who loves to write and has strong research and writing skills to help the grant writing team. No need of grant writing necessary, but certainly a plus!

Also looking for people to contribute needed information to the website. You will be given the info and can write it up at your leisure.

Grounds Maintenance: Anyone interested in keeping the grounds around the farm neat, tidy and beautiful and possibly organizing a group to create gardens around the house and barn.

Teaching/ Leading Program: If you have a special skill or an interest you’d like to share with children or adults please let us know! Or maybe you’d like to watch over some little ones while their parents work in the field, that’s a huge help too.

Fund Raising: Farms are always in need of funds and we are always thinking of great ways to raise them! Please join our team to co-create some positive ways to bring needed money into the farm.

Organizing volunteers for specific activities: Potlucks, community events, and other projects that might come up.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please email We truly appreciate all the help you have given and your ongoing support as we make our way through this first farm year together!

Of course, you are always welcome in the field for harvest, weeding and cultivating! Team is there by 7 am most days, with a good lunch break between 12-2, except on Wednesday and Friday (harvest days). Because it’s a growing, living farm, schedules do change dependent on the weather and what is ready to harvest.

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