The Farm Through our Lenses: A Children’s Workshop in Digital Photography

Date: August 10th at 2pm
Materials: basic digital camera for which the child is responsible

Cost: $15/child (all proceeds benefit Rockland Farm Alliance)

John Altieri is an elementary school teacher in northern New Jersey where he runs a photography club for 1st through 5th grade students. In his workshops, John teaches students to operate basic functions of their camera… then it’s off to explore. He encourages his photographers to share the world they see by getting close to their subjects and finding the everyday things others might not see.

In the workshop students will learn certain basic functions like zoom and macro. It will then be time to explore the farm using a variety of photographic techniques. We will get close to the ground and learn about the farm through our lenses. Older children that know photography who might like to act as mentors for some of the younger photographers are welcome at the workshop.

John’s interest in the outdoors and supporting local food is born of time living outdoors in New Hampshire, Utah and southern New Jersey as well as experiences teaching wilderness survival to children. He is a teacher as well as a certified Health and Nutrition Coach. He lives in South Nyack with his lovely partner and their two cats.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to John Altieri at:



About Chela

A passionate environmentalist, mother, and lover of good food. Proud to be a part of the local food movement.
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2 Responses to The Farm Through our Lenses: A Children’s Workshop in Digital Photography

  1. Kerry says:

    Would this be approporiate for a girl entering the 6th grade?

  2. Chela says:

    Yes, children of all ages are welcome (as long as they can point and click!). If there are a number of younger ones, the older children can help the younger.

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