Food Justice: A Friendly Conversation with students from the Stony Point Center

On Wednesday, July 27th, beginning at 4:30pm, students from the Stony Point Center will be at Cropsey Community Farm to distribute informational flyers about “Food Justice,” and to engage any interested persons in a conversation on the topic. Stony Point Center is a multi-faith retreat, which for eight weeks has been hosting a summer internship program for young adults called “Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit.” During their internship, the students study the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faiths, and social justice planning and action through the lens of nonviolence and peace.

At Cropsey, we believe in the power of agriculture, when done conscientiously, to heal communities and to nourish us beyond the purely physical, and thus this topic is near and dear to us. We hope that you can learn from and share with the Stony Point Center interns. If you are coming for your pickup and see these spirited young adults, please stop and discuss. And if you don’t pick up on Wednesdays, come by anyway. We, and they, would love to see you.


About Chela

A passionate environmentalist, mother, and lover of good food. Proud to be a part of the local food movement.
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2 Responses to Food Justice: A Friendly Conversation with students from the Stony Point Center

  1. Maureen DiSavino says:

    Sounds very interesting…we will try to make it learn more about this,. Kudos to all for adding activism to the farming ethic.

    • Chela says:

      We are all activists in this adventure (including yourself) as we are actively working to do something about how we get and eat our food. Kudos to everyone.

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