Harvest for July 13 & 15

This week’s harvest includes:

Summer Squash

Stay tuned for some recipe suggestions… and please send us or post your own to the comments section! We want to hear from you. Sharing is caring.


Update: We posted that we would be harvesting purple cabbage this week, but it was determined not quite ready for harvest. Next week! We’ll post summy delicious cabbage slaw recipes too.

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3 Responses to Harvest for July 13 & 15

  1. Everything has been delicious. Can’t wait for the cucumbers and squash.

  2. Roxana Shaw says:

    I certainly do! I had the pleasure of dining at BANDALOOP, in Kennebunkport, Maine last week – a ‘Farm to Table’ restaurant, and they had a to-die-for presentation of Kale:

    Fresh Chiffonade of Kale
    fine ribbon cut the kale leaves, and quickly blanch them (in and out of boiling water, then into ice water). In large bowl toss kale with 1 clove minced garlic, handful of torn basil leaves, juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 heaping tbsp of hemp seeds, candied pecans, and a drizzle of sesame-tahini vinaigrette. Serve in a heaping mound on a plate, with some english cucumber slices fanned out on the side.


  3. Karen says:

    Any more wild mint? Thanks!

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