Farm fence update: be a part of the legacy!

Don’t you wish you were building a California ranch-style wild west really cool farm fence this week?

Forget the beach and the pool and staying cool in the shade. Come take part in the opportunity of a lifetime, building Rockland’s wildest farm fence, and making your mark on your community farm.

The last three days have been non-stop fence work, with a core crew sweating it out, sometimes in the hot sun, sometimes in the pouring rain, to get the final post holes dug, the posts in, and the braces and reinforcements in place so the fencing can go up.

We are all building a fence of this size and magnitude for the first time, and learning a lot along the way! But we are getting worn out, time is ticking and we really need your help. We still have three gates and two corners to brace, and then we can stretch the fencing. Please email us with times this week that you would be available to help!

If you like using power tools, hoisting locust posts, measuring, sawing, drilling, hammering… in other words, calling all carpenters, handymen (and women) and anyone with a hankering for some good, solid hard work with a purpose.

John hammering the rebar to hold the horizontal brace in place.

Setting the come-along to tighten the posts.

Greg, Amelia and Lawrence cut the post for the brace.

Amelia and Lawrence set the corner diagonal brace.

Is it level?

Please email if you can come work on the fence this week! Greg will be there every day from 5:30 pm until sundown, and needs a crew to work with. If we can round up a few people for other times, John or others can lead.

Come be part of the fun, excitement and yes, heavy lifting of getting our community farm fence up this first year. Be a part of the legacy!

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